Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Batman: Unseen #1

Ah, Doug Moench and Kelly Jones. Between the awkward, stilted dialogue and ridiculous contorted body language, there is no confusing a comic by this creative team. When I was younger, I didn't appreciate their style enough, but I sure do now.

This first issue introduces us to a mad scientist on the payroll of Black Mask. It's actually pretty generic, the scientist is trying to make himself invisible, and he succeeds, but where the issue shines is in the details. Dr. Nigel Glass is a jerk. He's insufferably proud and he takes every opportunity to point out how brilliant he is. As he begins to turn invisible, he becomes even crazier, ranting about food and noting with loving detail as each level of his body becomes invisible. (For awhile, he is described as a "meat man." How great is that?) This could end up being a great origin for a new bat-foe.

Meanwhile, Batman is struggling with a lack of fear in his targets. It seems more and more of his opponents are mustering up the courage to stand up to Bats, and he's worried about it. I'm not sure how this will tie into the Dr. Glass story, but I'm keen to see what happens.

Kelly Jones' artwork is as inspiring as ever. Batman leaps and crouches around the pages. The mood is flawless. I had to do a double-take at the panel where Batman is leaping off to answer the bat-symbol; there is a gargoyle as big as Batman that is hulking on the side of a building. Just wonderful art.


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