Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Lantern #47

I'm sad. I think this whole issue went by without Hal Jordon coming on to anyone. Oh well. Four of the Five Inversions (the gross-out aliens who used to hang out with Atrocitus show up as Black Lanterns, and they remain as gross as always. They do try to rip out Atrocitus' heart, but it seems that the Red Lanterns don't need their hearts any more, their rings beat with rage for them.

There is a bit of a power struggle between Sinestro and Hal as they try to establish who will lead the Black Lantern Kill Krew, but since everyone but Sinestro wants Hal, Sinestro backs down. I'm actually kind of digging this idea of the Lanterns teaming up against the dead. Before that happened, we actually saw Saint Walker use his blue ring to do some damage. I guess the hope guys aren't totally worthless without a GL around.

The combined light of Lantern Coalitions dispatches Abin Sur and his sister, so I guess they won't be resurrected. I figured that any characters atomized before the close of the series won't be a possibility for resurrection.

Doug Mahnke's art is great, as always, but the colors are striking this time. As you flip through the book, the "tone" of the chapters is clear. The book is red, black, green, and finally orange as the action shifts through the sectors. I love Mahnke's Larfleeze, he's almost cute on those last few pages!


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