Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Deadpool #900

Wow. I thought I could handle a lot of Deadpool stories, but I found out I have a limit. I read the first two or three shorts in here, then put the book down. And I haven't been able to make myself pick it back up. It's just sitting there, mocking me. I really don't think I can make myself finish this massive tome of red and black mayhem. What I read was ok, but certainly didn't instill a need to finish the comic. Seriously, this thing is huge! And it's essentially just a collection of 10 page joke stories.

The worst part is that I bought this thinking it had the Fred Van Lente 'Pool/Hercules team up that I think comes out next month. Boy is my face red.

Do I coin a new grade? Unfinished?


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