Friday, October 23, 2009

Mighty Avengers #30

Man, it sure is nice to see a real crew of Avengers again. Sure, the group is made up a mish-mash of folks from the many Avengers teams, but that's ok. I really dug the old-school interaction between Quicksilver and Hawkeye. I'm not sure that I find the Unspoken to be that huge a threat that he requires all these folks to stop him, but I won't complain since I get to see them all in action again. I felt like Jarvis did during this issue. Dan Slott and Christos Gage take time to give nice little moments to most of the folks involved. I'm actually curious about Scientific Beast too (from the Chinese super-team). He seems pretty cool!

The Hank Pym subplot is pretty interesting too. I never would have guessed I'd see Hank Pym get slugged by Eternity, but it was a nice visual. I like the idea of Hank as Scientist Supreme. Eternity sure had to work at it to make the designation make sense though, since Reed Richards is probably more deserving. I'm always glad to see Pym get some respect though.

Sean Chen's clean, classic art is a step up from Khoi Pham's rushed pencils. Pham can bring this level of quality, but not on a monthly schedule (it seems). I'd love to see these two artists swap off storylines so that every issue of Mighty can be a top notch production.



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Mart said...

I loved this issue too, it was real old school heroics with action and character interaction to spare. I agree the Unspoken hasn't been too impressive, but he's better here.

I have no interest in any of DC or Marvel's Chinese or Japanese super-teams, though. The trying-too-hard names make my head hurt. Just call me 'Wants Simpler Names Reader'.