Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marvel Zombies: The Return #1-5

I think I'm over the whole Marvel Zombies thing. Taken as a whole, I'd have to summarize this limited series as unnecessary. There were bits of the story that were well-done, but overall it doesn't really add anything to Kirkman's original mythos.

I did enjoy seeing Jim Rhodes as Iron Man being the last man alive on Earth. He and one other surprise character are the last two living beings on the planet. The problem with this concept is that I'd like to see the battle of the undead vs. the living. I don't need to see everything glossed over to the end times, leaving only what is essentially the JLA (Sentry, Moon Knight, Quicksilver, Namor, Quasar, and Thundra) lording over the world of zombies. We've seen the post-apocalyptic Marvel Zombie story like 4 times now, let's see more of the actual apocalypse (so far only presented in Kirkman's Dead Days 1-shot).

We get little snippets on most of the surviving Alpha-Zombies from the original series. Some turned good (Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man), some led alien empires into zombie battle (Black Panther, Wasp, Cage), and one became the new main villain (Giant-Man). I did think it was interesting that the Earth-Z watcher sent Sentry back in time to cause the original zombie outbreak talked about in Marvel Zombies 1. At least, I think that is what happened. So essentially there is a loop going on with the Sentry infecting and destroying two alternate Earths. Or maybe I'm way off.

The artists vary by issue, but Wellinton Alves does a nice job with the conclusion. I'd say this is only for true completists of the Marvel zombie story.


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