Friday, October 16, 2009

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1

I think this is the best comic Rick Remender has written. I've said in the past that he's either hit or miss with me, but man, is this a hit. Doctor Voodoo is just plain awesome in this. The book opens Voodoo arriving in Dormammu's Dark Dimension, where he proceeds to use a mix of Dr. Strange-style magic and voodoo to trap Dormammu for the foreseeable future. And that's before the credits!

Strange hangs around for a few pages to chat strategy with Voodoo, making a lot of comments about how risky Voodoo is in setting himself up as Sorcerer Supreme. It seems Voodoo is willing to dabble is a bit darker of magics in order to protect the universe. There is a lot of comparison made by the entire cast that Voodoo had already been the Houngan Supreme, now he's just getting a promotion but still able to use his old powers too. I love the buddy-aspect of the character too. Having your dead brother's ghost around will sure keep you from getting a swelled head, I'd say.

I also like the set-up that Voodoo is continuing his life as Jericho Drumm, non-profit doctor in New Orleans. The double confrontation at his clinic drives home how difficult the secret life of Sorcerer Supreme will be. Remender introduces a new voodoo-themed villainess (complete is stylized, awesome dialogue) and in the middle of that fight, in walks Dr. Doom, anxious to take over the Sorcerer Supreme mantle. Remender did a fantastic job of giving us new ideas and yet scratching the itch of setting a book in the Marvel U. This premiere issue is a fantastic balancing act that delivers action and a fascinating status quo that I can't wait to follow.

The art by Jefte Palo is a tad uneven. He does a great job with Voodoo (has any other good guy ever had shrunken heads on his staff?). I think he took some shortcuts though too, there are panels where background characters don't have faces. The nurse at Drumm's clinic loses her face after one panel and is looking a bit blank for the rest of the page. The art lives up to the billing where it counts though. The confrontations with Doom, Dormammu, and the voodoo baddie are tremendous.


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