Friday, October 30, 2009

Avengers: The Initiative #29

Christos Gage doesn't move things along too drastically here, instead most of the issue is spent catching up all over the Initiative. In fact, there are so many things happening that once again I have to bullet out the many happenings:

  • Tigra continues her campaign of vengeance taking out Razorfist, Cutthroat, and the remaining Brother Grimm.
  • Komodo links up with Tigra and joins the Avengers resistance, even without her powers.
  • Night Thrasher II is still intrigued at the thought of resurrecting his brother.
  • Constrictor starts hooking up with Diamondback!
  • Penance gets a cat, that he names Niels. I'm really hoping Gage has permission to change Robbie Baldwin back into Speedball.
  • The Avengers resistance attacks Camp Hammer, intent on freeing Night Thrasher II.
  • Nightmare possesses his son, Trauma, setting up mass confusion and action next issue!

I really love the format for this book. Gage spends a lot of time jumping around, but even with only a few pages for each character, he establishes personalities. I'm amazed at the number of characters having their individual plotlines advanced here. This book is truly for fans of the Marvel Universe.

Jorge Molina fills in this month, and he's got a similar enough style that he fits right in. The lines are kind of soft, almost like Stuart Immonen. He does have a habit of making his faces too severe and overdramatic, but his storytelling is clear.


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