Saturday, October 31, 2009

Power Girl #6

This book is consistent. I don't love it, but I don't dislike it enough to drop it. It is a solid title featuring a likeable lead getting into fairly boring adventures. It's an odd book for me, since I am really enjoying Palmiotti and Gray's take on PG. She's fun, confident, and interesting. But I'm totally not digging the conflicts. This issue PG has to rescue some space-alien cuties from a generic mob boss. There is no threat to PG here. She can overcome all the problems easily. I'm fine with protagonists being capable, but this is a tad much.

The new Terra hangs around some more, and in fact gets about 50% of the issue. PG and Terra go shopping and see a movie, again, making the characters seem fully realized, but not really threatened. I'm going to stick with the book because I haven't liked a lead this much since the early days of Kyle Rayner. But I do hope that the dramatic tension gets amped up without destroying the other aspects of the title.

Amanda Conner's artwork goes a long way towards establishing the friendly tone of the book. PG is so down to Earth you can't help but like and root for her.


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Mart said...

I've really enjoyed every issue but the last one was rather a picnic for Peege. Before that, though, she was blown up in a nuclear blast, and the Ultra-Humanite conflict was no breeze.