Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heroes for Hire: Control TPB

"Hello hero. This is Control. Are you for hire tonight?" I love that opening scene, mostly because artist Brad Walker does a great job flashing back to The Warriors, that sweet gang movie from the '70s. I never would have thought to put Misty Knight in this sort of role, but she does really well with it.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are well-known for their cosmic stories these days, but their street-level kung-fu is strong too. Rather than put together an odd crew of street level heroes and making them into a regular team, this title actually only has two characters appear every issue. Misty Knight is Control, drafting heroes in the Marvel U, using money or the mission to inspire action. The cast is pretty varied, and they never actually show up and work together as a unit. Paladin is a bit more heroic in his portrayal here, but he's still got that mercenary streak. Moon Knight, Elektra, and Silver Sable show up for some money too, but Ghost Rider, Falcon, and Black Widow are all inspired by the mission rather than a pay-off. Iron Fist and Punisher show up too, but they don't get recruited quite the same way...

As we expect from DnA, the book is filled with off-the-wall ideas (like soul-powered rifles) and old characters we haven't seen in awhile. I particularly enjoyed seeing Silver Sable again, she's a neat character who doesn't get much time in the sun.

And who could complain about the secret villain pulling everyone's strings? I half-thought this guy was dead, I thought he bought it in Ms. Marvel's book a few years ago, but I'm not going to complain. He's a great villain and he's creepy and effective in this title.

Brad Walker doesn't get to do the whole book, but the chapters he handles look fantastic. If you like the idea of Moon Knight versus a raptor, this is the book for you, cause it looks every bit as good as you'd hope. Robert Atkins handles some art too, and he's fine, but after Walker's brilliant pages, it's a rough comparison.


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