Monday, October 3, 2011

Ant Man and the Wasp TPB

Wow. I like Tim Seeley’s art, and his story moves along nicely too, but this is an expensive trade. I’m not sure that it makes sense to wait for the trade for these odd mini’s anymore. I’m better off trying to find them in dollar bins.

This trade was $15 dollars, and it reprints a three issue series that originally cost $4 each. Sure, the trade has a few sketches and some old Ant-Man reprints, but clearly most people are buying this trade for the new story. It’s really a rip-off either way. $3.99 is too much for a monthly comic, and 15 bucks for three issues is insulting. Basically, this trade is setting up a new policy for me. I’m not buying any more short $3.99 minis in any format. I want at least 6 issues or it plain isn’t worth it.

And this actual trade? It’s fun. Seeley clearly has affection for Hank Pym, Eric O’Grady, and Sleepwalker. There are tons of callbacks to other appearances and series featuring the tiny characters, so Seeley either did some homework or he’s a fan. AIM is used to great effect, especially their evil leader. Seeley has a neat take on the relationship between experienced hero and protégé (thief?) that is summed up nicely when Pym punches O’Grady in the gut; there clearly is no affection here. This is a fluffy character piece for fans of the characters. Seeley doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but he delivers a solid little tale for folks who want to see these two in the spotlight.

Seeley’s art is delightful too. Very bright and easy to read, and Seeley’s penchant for drawing cute girls has a nice outlet too. The new Sleepwalker runs around in an almost see-through nighty. It makes sense for the character AND it lets him exercise his skill in drawing ladies.

Again, this was a great trade for fans of the characters, but the abysmal pricing lowers my enjoyment of the book.

It turns a GOOD book into an AVERAGE one.

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