Monday, October 24, 2011

Batman #2

Is it just me, or do these new 52 titles feel really short? It just seems like very little happens every month, and each of these titles takes less than 5 minutes to read. I didn't think I'd be veering back towards trades so soon, but I may have to; I just can't justify these 20 page comics!

I actually like Scott Snyder's second issue, it's got a lot of fun Bat-moments mixed up in his greater plot. The book opens with a great helicopter chase where Bats is in pursuit on some elevated train tracks. This is great high-concept stuff, this whole sequence belongs in a movie. Greg Capullo knocks it out of the park, too, especially the moment where Batman yanks one of the crooks out through the chopper window.

All of Capullo's faces seem a bit too young. It makes the scene on Gotham Tower a bit strange, because I'm not sure how old Bruce Wayne is supposed to be in relation to the not-at-all suspicious Lincoln March. I'm sure Lincoln is just a nice, trustworthy addition to Gotham high society, not a new villain at all (wink wink). I mean, these guys look like clones of each other!

The brutal fist-fight is neat. Snyder fills the narration boxes with details about Batman's fighting style, pointing out that he has to fight as Bruce Wayne and make his hits look lucky. It's a great detail in an issue full of them. The other highlight is, of course, the whole deal with Nightwing's alibi for last issue's murder.

If you like Batman, you can't go wrong with this comic.


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