Friday, October 28, 2011

Secret Avengers: Mission to Mars TPB

Explain to me why the "covert" team of Avengers is going on the most classic-style adventure of any of the Avengers titles? Using the classic Marvel serpent crown? It's a secret team yet it stars a bulkier Iron Man, Lady Thor, and a blue furry cat-man. Am I the crazy one here?

Don't get me wrong, these aren't complaints. I'm thrilled that Ed Brubaker put together this well-rounded team of heroes and set them off after the storied serpent crown. I would have loved for Nova to have a bigger role on the team; as it is, he botches one mission then jets back off for the Thanos Imperative. It's too bad, Richard Ryder would be a good fit on the Avengers, I just think Brubaker probably didn't need all that firepower. Brubaker has his big guns covered with Valkyrie (Mike Deodato likes her big guns too. War Machine brings a lot of muscle too, although I'm not a huge fan of "angry" War Machine, even though that's how Jim Rhodes was portrayed in his most recent series.

The more espionage-y members fill out the roster nicely. Ant-Man is the new Hawkeye, trying to prove his worth while still retaining his silliness. Black Widow is Steve Rogers' right-hand gal in the field, while Sharon Carter fills that role at home. Moon Knight is crazy, but there isn't really time for his madness to manifest in these pages, he does a good job of staying on task and doing his job. I loved how Mike Deodato took Moonie's cowl off on the space-suit version of the costume.

Deodato's art is always dynamic and fun, the guy draws great explosions. He also gets to draw some titanic chests on Valkyrie, Sharon Carter, and Black Widow. Seriously, I think Val might be able to open doors from a few feet away. At least all three get to kick a lot of butt, so they aren't just pin-ups in the book. I also loved Deodato's space-costumes for the team. Steve Rogers, Moon Knight, and Black Widow were especially cool.

This feels more like "classic" Avengers than most anything published recently. A good trade for those who miss the madness of 1980's Marvel.



Anonymous said...

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Martin Gray said...

It is a lot of fun, and the more recent stories by Warren Ellis are even better. I do miss Valkyrie's classic costume, though. Cover that unlikely chest in the old cosmic eggcups!