Saturday, October 22, 2011

Secret Avengers #16

Is it me, or is Moon Knight a bit off this issue? It's not that I don't like it, Warren Ellis sets up a neat situation that would fit in nicely in Planetary or Global Frequency, then sends in a fast-talking bunch of Avengers to deal with it. It just seems a bit like this is Ellis' idea of how these particular Avengers act, rather than what they actually do.

Now I haven't read any other issues of Secret Avengers, but Moon Knight isn't super-strong, right? He can't crash through the hood of a car and not get hurt, correct? And can he fly now? He certainly does it a lot this issue.

Cap gets a weird little gun that shoots knockout razors. I think it's a funny affectation for non-lethal methods considering how the story ends, but it does make sense. Steve Rogers doesn't go out of his way to kill anyone.

The Beast sounds great; he's intelligent and smart-alecky at the same time. I loved the reaction shots of his teammates as he lectures them about the villain.

Not surprisingly, Ellis' best take is on the Black Widow. She's confident and capable, but there is a fun side to her in this issue that I found quite enjoyable. Who knew she loved muscle cars?

Jamie McKelvie is ready to make the switch to super-hero comics. The action looks great and he even makes the generic Secret Empire thugs look interesting. Get this guy a regular gig!


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