Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Resurrection Man #2

Well, at least Mitch Shelley seems to be competent this issue! No mass bystander deaths or other examples of poor heroics.

It's interesting that DnA said this is essentially "Ultimate Resurrection Man" because it does seem to be one of the more clear-cut reboots. Although, with Mitch an amnesiac, I suppose the old series could have happened...

Mitch is on the trail of his Dad, who died a year ago, making any kind of reconnection difficult. Fortunately an old friend of his father's is willing to help Mitch take a look around. I'm a little suspicious of this guy, and that has nothing to do with his former occupation. He just seems a little too willing to go out there for a relative stranger. Isn't someone from the "other office" on Mitch's trail like that weird angel lady is for the office upstairs?

I did like Fernando Dagnino's happy rest home. This isn't Bubba Ho-Tep, everyone is smiling and life seems pretty good. Of course, being the DCnU, all the residents will probably get blown apart by the Body Doubles next issue! Some of the faces do seem uneven this issue, with the Doubles almost looking photo-realistic, then a little more sketchy. It's not bad, but not quite as tight as the first issue, art-wise.


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Martin Gray said...

I also enjoyed #2 more than #1 - which I still liked quite a bit. There's a fun energy to the book and, boy, are Bonnie and Carmen fun.