Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stormwatch #2

I should have had more faith in Paul Cornell!

I was overwhelmed by the volume of plot and details in the premiere issue of this book, but issue 2 ratchets things down to a level I can understand. A few of the elements introduced in issue one fall to the wayside (like that giant horn) and some of the characters that were crowding the book spend the issue unconscious. Of course, the moment that REALLY sells this issue for me is the Martian Manhunter reveal. Sure, Midnighter, you're tough, just don't think you can take down J'onn that easy!

I'm unclear on the Eminence of Blades, is he a good guy or not? He's definitely a hero walking that fine line, and it seems he'll be joining Midnighter and Apollo on the rough side of super-heroics. I do hope that someone on this team is a bit more positive; it seems Jenny Quantum might be the best hope of that. I also really like the Engineer making her not-so-subtle power play to take over the team. We've had two whole issues, why wouldn't it be time to upset the apple cart!

Miguel Sepulveda's art is a bit more polished this month. There is still some weird tracing element on some pages, and Midnighter's costume is ridiculous (that awful chin-spike, ugh!) His Adam One, J'onn, and monsters all look great though, Sepulveda's quick glimpses of Booster Gold are impressive too, I hope he gets to draw more mainstream heroes.


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