Sunday, October 30, 2011

She-Hulks TPB

I really, really want to love this book. I’m a big She-Hulk fan, and while I don’t love “Savage” quite as much, the idea of the two She-Hulks teaming up to hunt down criminals certainly has potential. Unfortunately, this trade was just ok, as it never quite met its potential.

Harrison Wilcox chooses to spend more time with Lyra the “Savage” She- Hulk getting adjusted to school, which I suppose is fine, but I really came to the book looking for the Jennifer Walters version. It was a nice move having Walters hook up with Wyatt Wingfoot again, they are a good couple, but I didn’t care for the fact that the two ladies spend so much time shopping and spending Bruce Banner’s money (and trying to be sneaky about it).

The story is a bit stronger when it comes to the villains. Letting the She-Hulks take down so many villains in so few issues (Trapster, Red Ghost, Wizard, and more) is a pretty good win record. And it does make sense that Jennifer Walters would be good at this sort of thing, being a former bail bondsman. It’s just that I like her better as a lawyer.

Ryan Stegman’s art is fun and cartoony, and he certainly does enjoy drawing pretty ladies (a requirement for this book). His Red Ghost is a bit weird, but I loved his take on the Wizard. I also dig the way Savage always looks like a maniac whenever she gets in a fight, a nice contrast with Jennifer Walters.


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