Friday, October 7, 2011

Swamp Thing #2

I must be getting old or something, cause I get a lot more bothered by innocent bystander death in my super-hero comics than I used to. Seeing a ton of zombies is one thing, but seeing all the residents of Alec Holland's hotel with their necks snapped while attacking him? That's just upsetting. I know Scott Snyder is going for that, and this is part of DC's Dark line, so I'm sure there's a body count requirement, but still...

This second issue follows up nicely on the potential of issue one. Most of the book is driven by a Swamp Thing from the past. This Swampy has a similar origin to Alec Holland, but he spends most of the issue explaining the differences between them. I like that Snyder is full-on addressing that this is NOT Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. In fact, this is basically the origin and first appearance of the "real" Swamp Thing, a warrior of the green with a core of the red. In all those old ST appearances, it was just the green running off a copy of Alec Holland's mind.

This book remembers its history, as a big character returns in a new fashion here. Could be mighty interesting.

And I can't mention Yanick Paquette's art without bringing up all the callbacks to previous artists. Bissette motors is pretty prominently stamped on a motorcycle, and Holland is staying at Totleben's Motel. Heh. I do worry that Paquette's widescreen shots might not work so well in a digital format, the fuzzy black borders on those double-splash pages might be hard to read on a tablet. I'm lucky I'm still getting this in floppy!


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