Saturday, October 15, 2011


Another, fun, light issue of OMAC.

It is interesting how Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen are developing the central character in this comic. Kevin Kho actually shows up this month, but really, he doesn't do a whole lot. He's so thoroughly controlled by Brother Eye that he makes no choices for himself. Every reaction he has in this comic is set up by Brother Eye's manipulation. With Kho taking such a backseat in moving the plot, it's a good thing that this issue features Sarge Steel, Amazing Man, and Maxwell Lord. Amazing Man has the most lines, but he's also the guy with the least input on the overall plot. He's pretty likable, so I'm happy there is potential that he'll show up again.

The art is still amazing, with Keith Giffen channeling Jack Kirby in some great ways. Maxwell Lord never really rocked that whole Prussian formal-wear look that Kirby liked, but he does now! Sarge Steel and Checkmate are looking decidedly retro too.


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Jeff said...

I love how there is SO MUCH going on in these first two issues. It has a lot of words yet doesn't feel wordy in the least. There's just eye-popping stuff on every page.