Thursday, October 20, 2011

Justice League #2

So here's the deal: if DC's top-tier books are going to $3.99 just like Marvel, I can't really make my sublist DC-exclusive anymore, can I? I had been skipping Marvel books that I actually like MORE than DC titles because of the price difference. But with every comic feeling so light right now, regardless of price point, I'm shuffling up my list.

On to JL #2.

I had to read that splash page two or three times (and it didn't take long, there weren't a lot of words). Are you seriously telling me that last issue cliff-hangered with Batman vs. Superman, and this issue opens with the fight OVER? And we see all sorts of crazy stuff from Bats' utility belt that probably would have been neat to see, and it HAPPENED OFF PANEL? WHAT?

This is the "origin of the DCnU," yet Green Lantern and Flash teamed up to take out Gorilla Grodd AND IT HAPPENED OFF PANEL? WHAT?

Bats just emptied his utility belt against Supes, but when GL and Flash try to give him a breather, Batman starts with the "we're just trying to talk, Superman!" Why didn't you say that before you used all your utility-belt toys, Bats? This comic makes no sense!

I sure hope that Cyborg doesn't go straight into the JL after having his origin this issue, because that essentially wipes out the entire New Titans history, right?

The thing is, this comic is fine as a reboot. I liked the Superman takedown of the overconfident Flash. Green Lantern is pretty enjoyable as a doofus in way over his head. Batman trying to earn his place in this group of deviants is fun too. I'm not sure why the DCU hates the new heroes, but ok, they're mutants now, fine. And Jim Lee's art continues to be fun and dynamic. The constructs look great, and Flash's new costume doesn't make my eyes bleed like I thought it would.


This clearly is a whole new DCU, except that the creators are keeping little bits and pieces of old stories. And they are skipping pretty dang important chapters even in the origin titles. I just can't get behind this random approach to storytelling. The funny thing is, I will probably still follow core titles like JL, Batman, and Action Comics. But my interest in the fringes of the DCU, all those elements that were my favorite before the relaunch? I couldn't care less about them now.


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