Sunday, October 16, 2011

Invincible #83

This issue of the returning rogues storyline focuses on Magmaniac and Tether, two of the more amusing and less powerful of Invincible's foes. It's always fun seeing Robert Kirkman flesh out his world, and this storyline is giving him ample opportunities for that.

The whole Guardians of the Globe party is a great example. We know that something happened with Monster Girl (now in control of her powers) and Robot, but who knows what it could be. It's neat seeing Robot in the subservient/weaker position, reversing his normal standing in this comic. It is frustrating that the Guardians title hasn't finished yet. With Titan's appearance and the Guardians celebrating their win, clearly this takes place after that series wraps. Oh well.

I'm still amused by Atom Eve, she seems to be quite happy. She and Mark Grayson seem to be really happy; it's nice seeing a comic couple enjoying their lives and actually getting along. I'm sure there will be drama later, but it's a nice picture of a non-dysfunctional relationship. (Compare the interaction in this issue with the Catwoman/Batman scene from Catwoman #1.)

Ryan Ottley, like most of Kirkman's artists, is the picture of consistency. He's a fantastic artist, his take on the Guardians is fantastic. How cool is Monster Girl's new "human" costume? And the dramatic return shot at the close of Tether's rampage implies a huge battle, just one we don't get to see.


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