Saturday, October 1, 2011

Transformers TPB vol 3

There's a lot for old-school fans like me to enjoy in the new Transformers trade. After being disappointed in the last collection, things get moving again nicely as soon as Megatron is back on the stage. He's got a powerful new bod, but the neatest concept in this trade might be what Soundwave has got planned with the pieces of Megatron's old look.

The book opens with a nice focus on Hot Rod, a starring role that I'm pretty sure is setting us up for Rodimus Prime. I'm an Optimus guy all the way, but with Op sort of struggling in this series, maybe Rodimus will be able to shake things up.

I was impressed with all the screen time devoted to smaller characters in this one. Brawn, Thundercracker, Jazz, Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, and more all get things to say and do. Prowl really lives up to his second in command billing, and I loved Wheeljack's envy of Ratchet's respect on the battlefield. Mike Costa really packs the book with quick moments; even those characters who mostly fill backgrounds like Smokescreen get a line or two that define the character.

The art is varied in the multiple issues collected here, but I dont' have a problem with it. Nick Roche's cartoony style works fine in the early chapters, and while I don't love Don Figueroa's more movie-inspired designs, the 'bots still look cool. I think I like Alex Milne's robots best, but he's not as solid with the human characters. Overall, this selection of artists is a pretty strong bunch.


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