Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aquaman #2

Goodness, these 20 page comics feel awfully short, don't they? I even like the use of dramatic splash pages, but when there are only 20 pages total, losing 4 or 5 to splashes kind of stinks. I enjoyed this issue, but it was over very quickly.

I actually like the way Geoff Johns is filling out Aquaman's world. Mera seems kinder and more interested in AM than I can remember ever seeing; it's nice seeing them as an almost contented couple. I mean, when we jump in on them this issue, they are looking through old photo albums together! Mera can still kick butt as needed too, her water-manipulation powers are put to good use when she finally gets some monsters to fight towards the end of the issue.

Teh Trench are a lot of fun, with hunger seeming to be their main motivator. The idea of each fish-man being able to mark his own food is a novel idea too. I'm not sure I buy that such a huge force of first responders would miss a boat full of carniverous fish-men, but it certainly makes for a dramatic scene.

Ivan Reis is doing a great job on art, he's become remarkably consistent. I really like the subtle differences in faces amongst his cast. I'm going to need a bit more differentiation on the Trench, though. I get that the one guy has some sort of weird spikes, but that's not much individuality to go on.

Good (but not a great value, I have to say)

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Martin Gray said...

Not as much fun as the first issue for me, it's the return of the old Geoff Johns bloodthirstyness. And the art didn't seem quite as good as issue one. Still, I love Mera, even with the spooky eyes.