Sunday, October 23, 2011

GI Joe vol 5 TPB

I’ve got a bit of a problem here. I always like Chuck Dixon’s work, and I want to support this book, but why would I read about a re-booted and re-imagined GI Joe team when Larry Hama is doing such a kick-butt job on the Real American Hero title?

This trade is advertised as the concluding chapter of the “first story” in Dixon’s run on the title, and all that makes me think is “wow, this has been pretty slow.” It has been around 25 issues to see Cobra set up the Mass Device and get it working, and then Snake Eyes and Helix promptly wreck the plan in two issues. I’m not a ninja fan to begin with, so making those two cool kids the heroes who get the win annoys me. I was hopeful when the original strike team was put together (including Cover Girl, Low Light, and Flint) but then it all comes down to ninjas. Hooray.

The pacing seems very confused here too. Why have all those issues with the Joes capturing a Viper, then set that guy up in jail to get info, when it all didn’t matter anyway? The Joes just jumped back to the Mass Device anyway! I’ve got to think the more driven GI Joe: Cobra title’s big conclusion shook up the plot for this book. Frankly, this core title needed the kick in the pants. The opening story had drawn out way too long, with way too many side-missions and quests leading up to the Joes even discovering Cobra exists.

I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the next chapter of the rebooted GI Joe universe. I’m very interested in the Cobra in-fighting for leadership, and maybe this will kick the pacing in this book into higher gear. But at this point, I want to see some good reviews, because as I said, the Real American Hero title is scratching my GI Joe itch.

Robert Atkins is back on art for this whole trade, and I’m glad. His figures can be a tad stiff, but he’s fantastic at modernizing the classic figures’ looks. I still say that the Joes spend too much time in generic, matching clothing. With a few exceptions, I can’t tell the characters apart without their distinctive outfits. (That’s been one of my main complaints about this series for years.)


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