Friday, October 21, 2011

Avengers #18

So as I reshuffle my sublist, I figured it was time to check back in with Brian Michael Bendis' Avengers. It's funny, I complained yesterday about Justice League's brevity and splash pages, but this issue is worse. There is a lot more action in DC's flagship title too, although I do get that this is a breather issue between storylines.

One thing that became immediately obvious is that I really do like the Marvel U more than DC. It was refreshing to see Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and the rest of the gang, even if they were just standing around at a party. I didn't read Fear Itself, so I'm lost on what exactly happened, but it seems rough. I love how Bendis writes Spidey in these maudlin circumstances. His Spidey is always joking and making light of the problem, even in inappropriate situations like this. Luke Cage doesn't get much panel time, but Bendis has a great handle on him too.

The bulk of the issue deals with the aftermath of big Marvel events. Bendis is fascinated with people holding the Avengers responsible for the actions of all heroes. The SHIELD agent who anchors the book doesn't say much, but when she does speak, she sure sounds like Wonder Man did in that preview for the New Avengers annual.

Daniel Acuna's art is still an inspiration to me. I absolutely love his fusion of Jack Kirby and Alex Ross. I even like that stupid new Hawkeye outfit!

So yeah, if this was $2.99, I'd definitely stick around to see the new HAMMER alliance. That group of villains at the close looks great! But $3.99 for 20 pages? With 6 spashes? (And a ton of dialogue-less pages too.) I can't do it.


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Martin Gray said...

The cover makes this look like a 'picking the roster' issue but it seems that's not so. An issue of the Avengers just standing around, eh? Novel!