Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Green Lantern #2

Thank goodness for the brief memories of comic books.

I'm not sure I can even remember all the horrific things that Sinestro did while leading his Fear Corps, but I find it hilarious that he's sort of cleaned up to the point of facing down his old crew now. I'm not complaining, I think Sinestro is about 100 times more interesting than Hal Jordan as a GL, and as we see this issue, he's about a hundred times more effective too! Hal spends too much time hitting on ladies and dealing with things on a small scale. Sinestro shows off just why he's the better Lantern, and it does make me wonder about which guy would be a better protector for the DCU.

As for the meta-plot, I have to admit Geoff Johns is on to a genius idea. With the Guardians revoking Hal's ring, we have seen he's a mess. But here comes Sinestro with a great deal; he gives Hal that new ring, but he is going to approve or disapprove of what Hal does with it. It gives Hal back his powers, but now he's in the pocket of someone even more dangerous than the Guardians! Great move.

Doug Mahnke continues to excel in the GL corner of the DCnU. The way he differentiates between Hal's mundane and simple constructs and the alien complexity of Sinestro's is wonderful. He's also avoiding a bunch of those unnecessary grooves and plates that are so prevalent in all the reboot titles.



Martin Gray said...

This is a good read, I'm delighted to have a GL book I can enjoy once more. I do, though, hope Hal 'heros up' and becomes more likeable and capable soon, though.

Timbotron said...

Ha! Hal's not quite ready for the Super Hero Squad yet, huh?