Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #2

Nah, this shouldn't be bloody at all...

Peter Tomasi loves his blood and guts, but he keeps most of his ultra-violence confined to his namesake Green Lantern in this second issue of GLC. Unlike the first issue, the Corps is actually competent enough to arrive in time to fight off some of the crazy murderers from issue one. And this time, the whole planet isn't quite dead yet. I love that kind of competence in my heroes!

Tomasi does a great job giving each of the GLs a voice. We certainly don't spend as much quality time with John Stewart or Guy Gardner, but we get more dialogue from Hannu, Isamot, and the sheriff GL (there's one more, but I just call him "shoulder pads, he's the one who'll die in this story). Actually, I don't like sheriff GL's chances either, she has casualty written all over her, too.

Fernando Pasarin doesn't have much to do with the faceless mass of "will-killers" so he makes up for it with the GLs. They all look unique; I love his T-Rex-looking Isamot. And the constructs work nicely too. It makes sense that when Hannu actually has to use his ring, he just makes a big Hannu. I like that kind of simple-minded ring-slinging! The detail on every page is just wonderful, I think I might have to try and buy a piece of this original art if I can find it.


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