Monday, October 10, 2011

Walking Dead #89

So it's not just my copy that looks like it had coffee or something spilled on the cover, right? There's some sort of weird smudge-y thing going on? I'm not sure what Charlie Adlard was going for, but I think I've seen it on more copies online, so I don't think I dropped a Pepsi or something.

This is another soap opera chapter of Walking Dead, and hoo boy, it is a good one. I always measure a book by how gleeful I am when I finish, and Rick delivers a KILLER line at the close of this one. Robert Kirkman is still firing on all cylinders here. He masterfully ratchets up the tension throughout the book, and it seems danger is closing in on our core cast of loveable murderers. And yet, with that last page, suddenly it is clear who has the upper hand. The Community truly doesn't know what they are up against. (I'm playing around with that sentence because I don't want to ruin the moment for people who haven't read the issue.)

As an aside, how funny is it that Abraham has basically taken over as Rick's enforcer? He's a great supporting character now, one that I never saw coming. We all expect Andrea to be Rick's right hand, and she's great, but I love seeing the survivors working to support each other.

Charlie Adlard? Solid. How many years has he been pulling this off now?


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