Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Panther #524

So I haven't been reading Spider-Island, but I think I can get the gist of it after reading this issue of Black Panther. (It seems like a fun idea, at least!)

I'm a tad worried about David Liss' overall plot in this book, since we've had four or five issues of tie-ins now. I understand the need to get new eyeballs on this book to raise sales, but I'd like to see T'Challa's own story moving forward a tad more. There are definitely seeds laid here, with Kingpin involved in both Hell's Kitchen and in more Black Panther-based interests.

The strongest aspect of this issue is how powerful BP seems to be right now. Overdrive is the POV character, so perhaps we're seeing a more impressive version of T'Challa, but man, BP is in control for this entire issue. There is literally nothing that Lady Bullseye or Overdrive can do to try and stop the Panther. I love it. If Liss keeps writing him this way, BP really will be Marvel's Batman.

The Spider-Island aspects of the story didn't really add anything, but they didn't ruin the issue either. I would have preferred a normal, two-armed BP, but whatever.

Francesco Francavilla's art has seemed a tad rushed these last few issues. The art in general seems huge or something. Not bad, the style and shadows that make Francavilla's art so dynamic are all there, but there is even less detail than normal. That said, the fantastic cover makes up for just about any faults in this comic. Do you know how long it has been since I saw a cover that actually showed me what happened in the issue? Awesome!


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