Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive .1

I find the whole .1 initiative pretty funny, but man, is it annoying. I have a home-written Access database I use to track all my comics, and it isn’t programmed to recognize decimal point numbers. So I have to enter these special issues as one-shots. (I know, the trials of a nerd, huh? How do we get by?)

In any case, David Liss makes the most of his opportunity to grab new readers. His done-in-one story stands nicely on its own, but he brings in a fairly popular villain from T’Challa’s past. I enjoyed seeing BP take down another bad guy without much of a sweat; after a few issues of seeing BP struggle to win his fights, he seems to be getting his confidence back. I’m sort of rooting for a Kraven re-match too, I think BP can do better! Surely fans old and new can see what they’re missing on this title. The level of quality and respect for the history of the Marvel U that Liss displays here is a given on this consistent title.

It’s interesting that BP is developing into even more of a Batman type now that he’s cultivating a relationship with the cops in Hell’s Kitchen. BP has never been this gritty, and at least part of the change has to be location. I mean, Daredevil moves out of the Kitchen and suddenly he’s doing snow angels on the cover of his own book!

Jefte Palo is back, and that means the hulking Black Panther is too. He draws a much bigger protagonist than other artists, but as I’ve said before, it works. I kind of dig the sloped cat-ears that make T’Challa look even more like the Marvel U Batman.


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