Sunday, March 27, 2011

Xombi #1

Sometimes the hype is justified. I'd been seeing nice stuff about this re-launch all over my normal blogs, and since I'm a sheeple when it comes to hot comics, I decided to check this out.

I've never read the original Xombi, but wow, this is good. The only way I can think to describe John Rozum's fun yet spooky book is to say it reads like Grant Morrison if Morrison didn't skip pages of story. David Kim/Xombi is a neat character, and still a pretty normal guy even while immortal and blessed with weird powers. But what sells the book for me is the rest of the Dakota (Milestone) setting.

He teams up this issue with Catholic Girl (with faith based energy powers), None-the-Less (a shrinking nun that Xombi flirts with) and Nun of the Above with mental powers. That's AWESOME. And then that last page...

We all know Frazer Irving is a genius (even if DC had a typo with his name in the credits). That closing page is simply brilliant. I love it when I can still get a shiver of fear from a good comic, and that last page does it. Check out this comic.


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Jeff said...

This book was just pure goodness, from the writing to the art. Clever ideas, and just all around good fun.