Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #58

I'm just not feeling Tony Bedard's take on these GLs. This went from being one of my favorite comics to one I'm reading out of habit. Kyle Rayner still comes across as a whiner, John Stewart is still a jerk, and neither one of them seem at all like the characters I used to like.

This crosses over into War of the Lanterns pretty obviously when the entire Qward team returns to the normal universe. Parallax takes over the lot of them, only it seems that all the GLs are full-on zombies. (In a neat side-effect, the Alpha Lanterns shut down.) Rayner and Stewart last a few moments longer, but they do manage to spout off a bunch of hurtful, damaging stuff at each other. Ganthet lends a hand and manages to break them free of Parallax's control, but the issue ends with the Earth GLs on the run and Ganthet facing down the oncoming horde of mind-controlled GLs.

Oh, and it couldn't be more obvious that Kyle Rayner is going to become a Blue Lantern, further distancing him from what made him cool back in the early '90s.

Tyler Kirkham's art is fine, but again, I'm just not loving his style. It's a nice change from the house DC style in so many other titles though.


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