Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Man, I'm going to miss this comic. It is such a fun throwback to the old LEGION and Lobo comics of the '90s. It's easy to dislike the main man, but how can you not love him in REBELS? He's a maniac, but he's Dox's maniac. Starro's moment of fear where he asks Dox how to deal with Lobo was classic for everyone involved: Lobo's relentless, Dox is smug, and suddenly, Starro is vulnerable.

I never saw Smite branching out on his own this much, but I appreciate that it takes Storm-Daughter's death last month to force his independence. I'm confident that while Smite might stick around, when this series is done, Starro the barbarian will be too. Tony Bedard has done a great job with the idea, but Starro really needs to only be a giant fish.

Claude St. Aubin does his usual solid job on art. I wonder what's up for him after this title wraps up? Is he on a Flashpoint book?


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