Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Lantern #63

I'm worried at the level of disconnect I'm having with the top-tier books coming out of DC these days. With Marvel's $3.99 pricing forcing me to stick to more DC books, I'm finding myself more and more on the fringe. I love Booster Gold, JSA, Secret Six, and more, but the "core" DC books are boring! Now I'm worried about Green Lantern. War of the Green Lanterns is about to kick off, and rather than thinking about adding Emerald Warriors, I'm thinking about dropping GL and GLC!

This is essentially a filler issue as Geoff Johns sort of sets up the upcoming War of the GLs crossover. I guess they're fighting over Krona? If that isn't what the upcoming story is about, then I've got to wonder why we spent the last six issues following the Rainbow Guardians around as they lost their lantern entities. Krona has them all now, and the Guardians want them back. I guess. And for some reason everyone is asking Hal about how long he's been in his GL togs. Weird. I did laugh at big Krona's weird Green blaster, though.

The art is pretty iffy in this one. After months of being spoiled by Doug Mahnke's fantastic artwork, it's not really fair for Ed Benes to have to step in. Benes isn't a great fit for Krona-centric flashbacks, his dudes are weirdly elongated with big heads. Why would you bring in Benes when there are no ladies contorting their backsides to show off to the reader?


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