Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: For Tomorrow (2004)

Superman #204-215

The pacing in this story...

is really quite slow. The dialogue also breaks...

from panel to panel...

a lot. I don't think I've ever seen so many characters...

completing another character's thoughts.

Superman 204: Superman spends a lot of time talking to a priest. SELL
Superman 205: More priest-talking, plus Supes beats up some soldiers. SELL
Superman 206: Equus, the super-villain of the story shows up. The fight lasts four pages. SELL
Superman 207: More fighting with Equus, best issue of the run so far. SELL
Superman 208: The JLA... takes a long time... to talk to Superman. SELL
Superman 209: Pretty strong issue as Supes fights some elementals. SELL
Superman 210: The promised WW/Superman fight doesn't happen, talking to do. SELL
Superman 211: WW looks good in a pointless but pretty fight. SELL
Superman 212: The Vanishing (plot point from Supes 204) gets explained. SELL
Superman 213: Terrible new Zod is introduced. Also, Superman robots. SELL
Superman 214: Retcon-casualty Zod vs. Superman. SELL
Superman 215: Old-man Zod teams up with Equus and the super-priest to fights Supes. SELL

Wow. Superman really is boring!


KeeperOfBooks34 said...

I hope you can sell these and not have to pay someone to take them from you. I've tried 3 times to reread this story arc and I still can't figure out what is happening.

Anyway, keep up the great work. I love reading this blog.

Marc said...

Just came across this blog, very nice work! I too found this story nearly incomprehensible. For example, if that Orr guys's whole mission was just to find a guy with cancer, why did he bother to find one who knew Superman? Surely there are plenty of other people in Metropolis with the disease...

But the biggest problem was Superman's characterization. Azzarello's notion that Superman's constant saving of the world is somehow counter-intuitive to the fact that he was "created" by the death of his own world is beyond idiotic. Superman saves the world because he's a good person, and Azzarello completely misinterprets that aspect of his character.

Anyhow, I hope you're successful in selling these issues, and keep up the great work!