Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jungle Action #23

What do you know? Black Panther and Daredevil really do work well together!

I'm working my way through the old Jungle Action series, and this issue reprints an old Daredevil issue (#69). It's a pretty strong story about street gangs in NYC. DD and BP really do have two of the biggest hearts in the hero sets, and it's great seeing Roy Thomas write the two heroes as they interact. They impress each other and have some good banter, and the first issue ends the way all good team-ups should; with the heroes off to share a Coke together.

The story is definitely more of a message-type than I normally prefer, but the two heroes play off each other so well that it works. It was neat seeing Matt Murdock calling in favors for his Daredevil-caused problems.

Gene Colan's artwork is fantastic. I've always respected his work, but this might be my favorite that I've seen.


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