Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guarding the Globe #4

Four issues in and we're already getting an expanded team? In Robert Kirkman's expansive super-hero universe, that's fine with me. Unfortunately, a few of the team members are shunted off to make room for Kid Thor and the rest, but no one is getting shut out (maybe Bulletproof, for this issue at least).

Not a lot happens to move the plot along, except that The Order is clearly marking themselves as the opponents to the Guardians. Using so many Invincible baddies sure makes this feel like an Avengers-type title. There are enough good characters on board now that this really should be an ongoing.

Ransom Getty gets to finish his penciling this issue, and I'm glad. His best designs are Outrun, El Chupacabra, and Kaboomerang. I love the idea of Cast Iron, but that shirt he's wearing is sort of silly. I like the idea behind Japandroid too; another robot in the Astro Boy tradition!


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