Monday, March 7, 2011

Avengers Academy #10

Another issue, another great glance at the Marvel Universe. In the second story-arc of Avengers Academy, Christos Gage has spent a bit more time focusing on the faculty rather than the students. That's not to say that he's neglecting his additions to the Marvel Universe, rather he's giving the older folks a chance in the limelight.

It's funny that Speedball is considered an "older" character now, but I suppose he's been around awhile. Robbie Baldwin has been through some terrible stories over the years, and I hope that Gage is fixing most of those problems now. Veil witnesses SB "powering" up his Penance powers, and I hope that's all it is. Let's hope Hank Pym can actually do something to help Baldwin tap both sets of powers without the terrible cutting stuff.

Hazmat gets a lot of panel time too, and it is hard to keep disliking her. She's a difficult character to have sympathy for, since she's so abrasive, but seeing her interact with Leech goes a long way. She's kind and understanding to the little guy for the whole issue, and seeing how her parents judged him really did a number on her. She had been one of the characters I was sure would go bad, but now I have some hope that she won't. (Still doesn't look good for Striker or Finesse, though!)

One last thought; I'm not sure about the superhuman ethics class lesson... but perhaps there is more to it because it is a class for heroes?

Sean Chen is a rock-solid penciller. I'd love to see him get some regular work again. The more armor he gets to draw, the better; the Cobalt Men looked great!

This has become the "main" Avengers title for me...


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