Friday, March 18, 2011

Brightest Day #22

Here we are, coming around to the home stretch. Firestorm never really grabbed me in this series, just when I'd start to care about him, he'd disappear for five or six issues. Now that the rest of the cast is dead, Firestorm can come back into the front of the title.

Firestorm bravely takes on the Anti-Monitor, Deathstorm, and the Black Lanterns, but it doesn't seem like he really has much of a chance (and that's right, he shouldn't). I love seeing the Anti-Montor's weird head, that guy NEVER takes off his helmet. He looks like a mix of a prune and Thanos.

I don't agree with the big-name Firestorm character who gets pasted here. I mean, of the four real choices, I guess it makes sense, but I'm going to miss what this character brings to the Firestorm matrix. Heck, the guy headlined his own series for a fair bit, and here he is turned into salt. At least he went down like a hero.

The art is decent, but Scott Clark is up against some tough competition, making Firestorm's chapters some of the weaker ones overall.


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