Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Justice League: Generation Lost #21

I knew it. There was no way Judd Winick could pull that off.
This issue is pretty slow, much like last issue. We've been sitting around for a little while now, just sort of waiting for the climax to this series. I think Winick has some good stuff planned, I know I certainly got a chill on the last page as the JLI starts to gear up to take on Max Lord. I'm just saying that I think this might have been 16 issues of story (tops) stretched into 24. We still need to have Power Girl, Batman, and hopefully Martian Manhunter and Guy Gardner show up, right?

Winick has an interesting take on Captain Atom, doesn't he? Cap A is an immortal, essentially, and it was nice seeing Ice give him that vote of confidence. I'm also pleased to see Fire and Rocket Red get together, this is a pretty dark book and the characters deserve whatever happiness they can find while in this protracted campaign.
The art has been fairly average in this book. I think Aaron Lopresti's stuff has been strong, but Joe Bennett and Fernando Dagnino are too firmly entrenched in the current DC house style to bring a lot of uniqueness.



Jeff said...

Agreed on the art. Other than Lopresti, the art has been very "vanilla" for the most part.

And I, for one, feel that the story has been really really decompressed. It just feels like not all that much has happened in 22 issues.

I was a huge fan of the JLI run. In fact, it's really what got me interested in comics, but while the characters are awesome, the story is just...well, it's been okay.

Timbotron said...

I really think this would have been a kick-butt 12 issue arc.