Saturday, March 12, 2011

Secret Six #31

Gail Simone is a genius. She's totally warped my expectations for what makes up a bad guy in a comic. The villains she's used in this series are so depraved and easy to hate that I automatically cheer for the Six. It was only the Doom Patrol crossover last month that helped remind me that these guys are actually villains. In any other comic, they'd be the antagonists.

Simone is at it again this month as she introduces another insane bunch of bad guys. There's the stalker going after Scandal's girlfriend, but we also get to see one of the best tweeners in the DCU, Etrigan the Demon. There's a bit of a row at the clubhouse when Scandal goes up against Ragdoll. Ragdoll wisely points out that people seem to forget he's a psychopath. Sure, he's funny, but he's also dangerous. Now the Six are descending to hell to cash in their "get out of hell free" card, and things are looking ugly. It seems either Ragdoll or his sister are waitnig for them. Heck, it could be both!

Jim Calafiore continues his solid, if unspectacular work. He's clearly got the characters down, including newbies like King Shark. his Etrigan is pretty impressive too.


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