Thursday, March 3, 2011

Superman: Earth One HC

So I'm way behind the times, but I had to wait to get this from my local library. Turns out just checking it out was the right way to go. It's not that J. Michael Straczynski's Superman story is BAD, it just isn't anything special. The retelling didn't really need to happen, there are three or four really good origins already out there. (My favorite being John Byrne's Man of Steel.)

Superman is a little more greedy, a little more selfish as he goes around using his powers and knowledge to get good jobs (plus he wears 100% more hoodies!), but I'm not sure that adds to the character. The main story has Supes giving in and being a hero when his hand is forced by some winged bad guy who destroyed Krypton back in the day. Superman doesn't become a hero because of any innate goodness, he has to step up or watch the world burn.

JMS handles Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White well, but I don't see anything in their actions or dialogue that couldn't work in a normal Superman story. Perhaps I'm missing the point and civilians will absolutely love this story, but for me, it just made me want to read a "real" Superman comic. (For me, that means going back to the Triangle/90's heyday.)

Shane Davis' art is ok, but he's got some problems. There are numerous shots where it looks like Clark's head is superimposed over a super-suit wearing body. Davis does do a nice job on the alien tech and the more "normal" supporting cast.


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