Friday, March 11, 2011

Current Pull List

I'm a one-man format war. I love comics and can't imagine not going to the store every week, but I love my trades. They are so convenient and so easy to pick back up to enjoy on a repeated basis. So my pull list has been made up of "almost" favorites, that is, books that I don't want to wait for and that I'm not sure I will re-read a lot. Some faves like BPRD, or anything by DnA or Jason Aaron get traded because I know I'll go back and enjoy them repeatedly. So books like X-Men, Hellboy, anything by Brubaker, or drawn by Stuart Immonen gets trade status immediately.

That leaves my current pull list looking like this:

  1. Avengers Academy (2.99)

  2. Batman Inc. (2.99)

  3. Batman & Robin (2.99)

  4. Black Panther (2.99)

  5. Booster Gold (2.99)

  6. Green Lantern (2.99)

  7. Green Lantern Corps (2.99)

  8. Guarding the Globe (3.50)

  9. Hawkeye (2.99)

  10. Invincible (2.99)

  11. Justice League of America (2.99)

  12. Justice Society of America (2.99)

  13. Secret Six (2.99)

  14. Tiny Titans (2.50)

  15. Walking Dead (2.99)
I've got two spots opening up thanks to Justice League: Generation Lost and Brightest Day. The replacements need to be $2.99 and good, but not my absolute fave. So the question is, what do I add? Should I pick up Flash even though Flashpoint doesn't interest me at all? Can I pick up Emerald Warriors after missing a half dozen issues? Do I want to buy just Iron Man 2.0 but not the core title?



Devin said...

You "have to" read Flashpoint because it ties into Booster Gold.

Anonymous said...

Levitz's Legion stuff has been pretty good, but I'm not sure how long it will last, beyond one arc or not.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I'm digging Heroes for Hire, it's 2.99, but I think you may have dissed it here. I like DnA books, but Annihilators is more than 2.99. God, I miss Guardians/Galaxy.


mlm said...

Batgirl is a really fun book from month to month; Birds of Prey has been good and will be getting better when Jesus Saiz starts drawing it regularly; the Legion has been really good so far; Adventure Comics, with Levitz and Jimenez doing the Legion Academy, is off to a good start; and Red Robin has been pretty entertaining too. For non-DCU, Morning Glories and Sweet Tooth have been really good too. I'm a huge fan of both Fables and The Boys, but those require quite a bit of catch-up work if you haven't started them already.

Timbotron said...

Good suggestions...

Heroes for Hire is by DnA, so it is a Tier 1 book I'll want to read in trade. But I'll get it for certain (same with Annihilators).

Fables is one of my faves, I don't miss a trade.

The Boys hasn't been my cup of tea, too mean-spirited.

I think I'll get Flashpoint and either Legion or Birds of Prey...