Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Batman & Robin #21

What a brilliant (heh) comic. There are many elements that make this one of the best books I've read in weeks. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason work magic together. Check out that page where Alfred notes that Commissioner Gordon has already called for Batman & Robin. That splash page of the dynamic duo needs to be a poster! I love seeing the two leads interacting, I never thought I'd like Damian this much, but he's a riot.

Tomasi does have a bit of a problem with ridiculous body counts in his stories, but I can't blame him in this one, it's fascinating seeing all the relatives Akham's all-stars. I also dug the way Tomasi gave a nod to Francine Langstrom's time as support staff for the Outsiders. And when was the last time Batman had to do real detective work? The heroes are actually using clues to solve these murders!

The White Knight is flat out crazy. Look at the way Gleason draws his eyes!

This book is fantastic. For two months in a row, this has been the best comic I read. These creators are in a groove we rarely get these days. Let's enjoy it while we can.


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