Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Stand of the Wreckers TPB

Wow, they weren't kidding about the title of this one. I expected another fun chapter in the world of IDW's Transformers, but this really is a goodbye to Transformers UK. The Wreckers were the long-time stars of Transformers UK, and a lot of those same characters get spotlighted here. Springer, Kup, Perceptor (a childhood fave of mine), Topspin, Twin Twist, and some new rookies make up the current team. (Where is Broadside?) The creative team does a fine job building up Overlord, a new Decepticon boss, as the main foe for this story. While parts of the story don't ever become totally clear (I'm fuzzy on what the MacGuffin actually does, and I don't understand why Prowl makes some of the decisions he does) the action is clear-cut and brutal.

This feels like a Transformers action movie, complete with a ton of casualties on both sides. The majority of the bots in this trade are new characters, so they are safe to kill, but some long-time folks get taken out too. (The writers do a nice job with the rookie Wreckers too, especially new fave Guzzle.) I've never been a big fan of Springer or Kup, they seem like they toe the line too much, but I love Prowl, so who knows. Top Spin and Twin Twist get some nice development; it's rare to see Transformers brothers.

The art is wonderful. The 'bots look like the cartoon of my childhood, and that's all I'm asking for in my Transformers comics. It's wonderful seeing back-ups like Perceptor getting so much time in the spotlight (and being awesome!), I'd love to see more work like this for more of the obscure folks I actually know like Windcharger or Warpath.

This trade has some nice bonus features; sketches, a short story, and some notes. But where are my alternate covers?


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