Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parker: The Outifit OGN

This graphic novel has a lot more action than the first, so it grabbed my interest a ton more than the first Parker story. Part of what Darwyn Cooke's novel so interesting this go round is the time he spends explaining each robbery that Parker and his gang make on the organized crime "Outfit." I think I'm ready to go off on a crime spree! I know I never give organized crime the credit for such complicated and brilliant schemes as I see in this collection.

And I love the sense of justice that Parker carries through the whole story; sure, the Outfit tried to kill him, but I'm not positive that justifies any and all actions in retaliation. Parker's crew tries not to hurt anyone (until the end) so they aren't all bad, but the shades of gray are pretty darn fine.

I loved the speech from the Outfit accountant about having a generation of employees. Sure, they all work in illegal activities, but the bulk of the folks working for organized crime in this era treat their work like a job, not something they want to risk their lives over. It's a fascinating look at what happens when any organization gets big, even if they start out lean and illegal.

Cooke's time spent building up both the supporting cast and the antagonists is well spent. This feels like a caper film and is a very satisfying read. Of course, his art is stellar. The art deco and dated styles all look wonderful. This feels like a movie storyboard.


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