Monday, March 14, 2011

Walking Dead #82

Things are looking bleak for the survivors. After last month's shocking cliffhangers, I actually believed that Abraham and his work crew would be able to save Rick and the gang in the Community. Things continue going downhill, and by the end, the cast of this title is looking a lot more manageable.

How great was that scene with Andrea? What I love about it is that when Andrea stands up for the solidarity of the group, the reader has no idea that Rick is about to make the same type of self-centered decision later in the book. I'm not saying he's wrong; in fact, I think a few years on the run would make you look after you and yours first, but it is telling that Andrea, Carl, and a few others are still willing to put the group above themselves, while Rick isn't anymore.

(I'm being vague because I have no idea what that guy with Andrea's name is. Is it just me?)

Charlie Adlard. What can I say? Great storytelling, this month's hightpoint being Andrea's punch-out or the Abraham cuss-fest as he's surrounded by zombies. Abraham is a pretty good filler for that Tyreese-shaped hole in my heart.


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