Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Justice Society of America #47

After a bit of an uneven start, I find myself really enjoying Marc Guggenheim's new take on the JSA. The book really does feel like a society now, thanks to the appearance of a ton of guest stars and the return of a lot of the JSA's always huge cast. Mr. America and Dr Mid-Nite returned last issue, Blue Devil showed up, and now it looks like the current Manhunter may have a role to play in this series too. If Monument Point ends up as the destination for a ton of heroes not being published elsewhere, it could be a really neat new DCU locale.

Dr. Chaos is sporting a costume in this issue, and I'm not sure if I like it better than his civilian clothes last issue. He seems to be reveling in his super-villainy, though, so I understand why he needed a costume. I'm also pleased to see last issue wasn't quite as lethal as it seemed, one of the fallen cast members should make a recovery, assuming she can survive her current predicament. I'm worried about this current storyline with Mr. Terrific. He's one of my favorites on this team; I don't want to see him getting less and less intelligent. It sure looks like he'll do anything to stay smart after he gets an offer to betray his teammates from Dr. Chaos. I'm hoping that Terrific will get his brains back AND take out Chaos and Scythe.

Scott Kolins' art is still fantastic. The darker tone does work nicely in this somewhat depressing title, but the heroes all look good. I'm most impressed by Kolins' Dr. Mid-Nite; he looks awesome.


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Martin Gray said...

Ha, and lots of people gave me grief for not believing Lightning was dead.

Great review. I love Dr Chaos, he's such a nasty nutter. I suppose Mr Terrific could betray the team, using the excuse that he was thick at the time.