Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hawkeye: Blindspot #1

I knew I would love Jim McCann's writing; he's proven that Hawkeye is a character that he was born to write, but I'm shocked at how well Paco Diaz does with the art. This is a good-looking book with a great story!

At the end of the Widowmaker limited, Hawkeye got cracked in the head and now his aim is suffering. The book opens with a great showdown with the Lethal Legion (why don't we see these guys more?) Grey Gargoyle, Mister Hyde, Absorbing Man, and Tiger Shark. Even with the silly animal-looking Tiger Shark, that is an awesome team! The fight gets glossed over a tad, but I won't complain, since things just focus on Hawkeye's past for the rest of the issue.

There a ton of handy flashbacks to Hawk's somewhat confusing past, really focusing on Swordsman, Trickshot, and Hawk's brother. I thought they were all dead, but Trickshot shows up and dies in this issue, and I'm pretty confident that the mystery archer helping that top-tier villain at the end is going to be Barney Barton (Hawk's dead bro).

I couldn't be more pleased that Hawkeye is going up against this villain. Not only is he a top-tier foe for an A-level hero, he also has a past that mixes in some interesting ways with Hawkeye. Could we see some Thunderbolts in this mini???

As I said, Paco Diaz does a wonderful job with his detailed pencils. The kids in the flashback actually look like kids. Hawkeye looks absolutely awesome in all the iterations of his costume that appear in this thing. I think I might have to check into buying a page from this one...


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