Saturday, February 19, 2011

Destroyer TPB

Hmm. I recently read The Marvels Project, and I was really interested in the Destroyer, a super-soldier created in a concentration camp during WWII. I picked up Robert Kirkman's recent Destroyer MAX series hoping to learn more about the character. It's weird. Other than the name and costume, I'd say this trade had nothing to do with the Marvel U character. I realize MAX books can often take place in questionable continuity, but this is in its own world.

Kirkman's Destroyer is an old man trying to kill all of his greatest foes before he dies of a heart attack. Kirkman rolls out a bunch of amusing archetypes and sidekicks, but this all feels pretty generic. I can't imagine this was too much of a stretch, these characters all feel like they would fit right in (maybe better) in Invincible or Wolf-Man. The Destroyer has a tender relationship with his wife, child, and son-in-law, and that does make him a bit more interesting, but overall, this is mighty generic.

Are there any good Marvel U Destroyer stories out there?

Cory Walker's art is fun and bloody. He certainly does his best work when he's drawing giant monsters or weird villains. His normal people look a little puffy, but anyone in spandex and all the creatures look great. Jason Pearson's covers are mighty impressive throughout.


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