Saturday, February 5, 2011

Noble Causes v5: Betrayals TPB

Wow. It's been years since I checked in on the Noble Family and their adventures, and I still like them, but I am confused! This trade does not make a good jumping on point for a new reader. Well, maybe it would be ok, I think I'm in more trouble because I sort of remember what happened in this book before.

This is a soap-opera in tights, no doubt. There's dangerous pregnancies, evil twins, long lost friends (and their siblings) and alpha male's duking it out to lead the group. Since they are in tights, everyone is doing all these things with powers, and that makes all the difference.

I remember Rusty being my favorite member of the team, but I was also a big fan of his ex-wife, Celeste. In this trade, Rusty doesn't last too long before being taken out, but Celeste does come off pretty well as a gold-digger trying to be a hero. I loved Jay Faerber's Venture series, so having that character show up (to face off against Rusty) was a treat. That's probably why I ended up siding against my old favorite character. Frost is still a jerk, Zephyr is still a star more than a hero, and don't get me started on Doc Noble and his wife. I do like seeing Race alive, he and Liz make a nice couple, and she's just as useful a window into the world of super-heroes now as she was in the first issue. (Although Race died, right? How is he back again?)

Fran Bueno's pencils are solid. He reminds me of Jason Howard with the big blocky dudes and smaller, rounder ladies. His storytelling is clear. I imprinted on this book when the great Patrick Gleason was drawing it, so it says something that the story can still click right along with someone else drawing it. (I own a great Pat Gleason page from an old issue).

This is well worth the five bucks it will cost at the cons this summer.


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